Getting To Know Bogner

The most important thing is keeping to your timetable. All collections are starting to get created around a year in advance so they can go through the manufacturing process bit by bit and arrive to the shops on time. This is why Dirk has to think about summer in the autumn when he comes up with the designs. Don’t we all like to think warm weather when it’s sleezy and disgusting outside?
A collection should have 4 different themes tops. This amount is perfect for not distracting the person and still making it fun and various.
It all starts with a moodboard. The most explainable way to show how it’s done is look at Pinterest. A board consists of past collections, material samples and all kinds of possible patterns.
You cannot imagine the amount of paperwork necessary for one single model! There were 15 pages of articules with every bit of material used for one single jacket! As Dirk said: “A little mistake – large consequences.”
After picking the materials there is a prototype that is made so that additional changes can be made. Like alteration of the pockets size for example.
Dirk is always searching for inspiration, sometimes in the past fashion trends. He showed us an old Chevignon jacket he ordered on Ebay to draw inspiration from. Sadly, it literally fell apart and even kind of smelled, so that wasn’t the most inspiring object, yet a wonderful new jacket was made!
Completing a collection takes around 5 months. The collection that is shipped into Russia is no different than the european ones, which certainly means we’re starting to get on the european level! Also, Bogner is going to style the sports team of Germany for the Sochi Olympics game. If anybody isn’t familiar with the Bogner brand, it’s a brand of sports clothing for people that want to look stylish, be comfortable and look good. Bogner was a family founded company and that is why it is holding true to time tested traditions and quality. I really like family-created companies because I think this is when the connection and quality is strongest ;)
Lots of buyers hate risking, so they stick to ordering the most common and basic models. So if you want the latest and most trendy products from Bogner you really should look for their flagship stores. That applies for all kinds of brands. You can’t always find the best fit in the nearest mall!